Thursday, July 31, 2008

Burnt Out in DC

People keep talking about the blunders Presidential candidates make. As is typical, they usually name the candidate opposing theirs.

I wonder how much people around the country know about DC culture -- especially the power elite's.

It's getting increasingly crazy around here. Traffic is extraordinarily bad and getting worse. People weave in and out of traffic, cutting off people who don't follow at less than 20-30 feet. I've lost track of the number of SUV drivers who want to get in front of me, even though I drive a much higher performance automobile.

Then there is workaholism run amok. When Bush's first chief of staff, Andrew Card, resigned people said he looked burned out. The Post reported his schedule. He got up around 4 AM, reported to work a little after 5 AM, worked until 8-9 PM and would take calls after that. I'm surprised he didn't die from that schedule. There are too many stories like that floating around. There are people out there who actually think even 100 hours of work a week is doable in the long term. They like to think of themselves as"tough."

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