Monday, October 21, 2013

My High School Reunion

I spent the weekend of September 6th through 8th in New Jersey for my Steinert High School reunion. It was our 50th anniversary. I saw a few people who I hadn't seen since high school. I also met up again with lots of fine people I haven't seen since our last reunion. I had a wonderful time. Every minute of the weekend was excellent. From the time I was picked up by Ivan Olinsky to go to the opening evening reception at Centro to the ride Charles gave me to the train station to return to DC I enjoyed the company, appreciated the stories that people told, was glad to have people listen to me about my life, including its ups and downs.

There are things I will remember because of the photographs I did. I put well over two hundred up on Flickr in the collection Steinert 2013 Reunion. I've told my classmates about the photos. I hope to hear back from them.

During the course of the weekend we remembered how fortunate we all were to have grown up in a time and place where we have good memories of good people, including our families and the teachers we met at school and everyone else we met. I enjoyed telling people about my photographic career. I also enjoyed telling people my army stories, especially the few who were drafted at the same time I was.

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