Friday, May 2, 2014

Thoughts About May

I've mentioned on Facebook that I will not be attending the International Space Development Conference in California this year.  I can't afford it.  I have been doing volunteer work regarding space exploration and development for decades.  I was paid decently doing IT work at NASA Goddard for nine years before I was driven out by awful management.  Since then I have led a committee on aerospace industry collaboration for the Governor's Workforce Investment Board in Maryland.  See Aerospace Initiative Home Page to learn more about that phase of my life.  Aerospace Workforce Issues is based in good part upon what I learned doing that work.

People want me to come to things space related as long as I pay my own way and don't make trouble for the powers that be.  Hmm.  They seem to want people with highly authoritarian personalities.

This evening I will attend a Rutgers Club of DC event.  I wonder what kind of reaction I will get when I mentioned that the Atlas rockets which deliver military spy satellites into orbit are currently powered by Russian engines.  I might bring it up over the weekend as well at places like St. Mark's Episcopal Church and Hash House Harrier events.

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