Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aerospace Initiative Charter

The Maryland Aerospace

General Purpose of Association: The Maryland Aerospace Partnership/Authority will serve as the eyes, ears and voice of the aerospace industry in Maryland, and serve as a valued and respected support system for Maryland’s scientific, workforce development and economic development initiatives.
Generally, the association will look for opportunities for Maryland's aerospace industry to grow through service to the state, the nation and the world. The association will also be on the lookout for problems so that they may be addressed, preferably earlier than later. The association will also listen to both members and outsiders in order gain needed information about opportunities for Maryland's aerospace industry as well as problems that may affect Maryland's aerospace industry. Finally, the association will speak to the public, other industries, other associations and government at all levels about things the industry can do both now and in the future to better help others' in their work and life. The association will also speak about problems that are affecting the aerospace industry and request help from others when appropriate.

Membership of Association: Membership in the association will be open to companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

Activities of Association: The association will engage in a number of activities. Most important include:
Seeking opportunities for Maryland's aerospace industry to make substantial contributions toward meeting needs in the state, nation and world. Informing people outside of aerospace about such potential contributions and how they can help them and their organizations.
Listening to outsiders to discover their needs and problems. Assist them in finding aerospace solutions where possible. Forming collaborative efforts at addressing common problems.
Communication and advocacy development. Foster the Maryland Aerospace Association as the voice of, and advocate for, Maryland's aerospace industry.
Holding of meetings and conferences to assist Maryland's aerospace industry.
Holding public events to better inform the citizens of Maryland and elsewhere about the current activities and potential future benefits of Maryland's aerospace industry.
Attending other groups' meetings and conferences to further the goals of the industry.
Working with private sector (e.g., professional associations, civic organizations, political groups) entities outside of aerospace in furtherance of industry goals.
Working with government at the Federal, state and local levels in furtherance of goals.
Working in collaboration with other aerospace groups, both within and outside Maryland, toward mutual ends.

Structure of organization:
There will be an elected board of directors.
Voting will be determined by level of participation.
Parallel organizations may be set up to comply with both relevant laws and member wishes. For example, a political action committee may be formed that will be entirely separate from the Maryland Aerospace Association.

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