Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aerospace Initiative November 2006 Minutes

Governor's Workforce Investment Board
Aerospace Industry Initiative
Industry Collaboration Committee

Minutes of November 21, 2006 Meeting

By Charles J. Divine


Rafael Cuebas
Charles Divine
Kirsti Dunn
Dennis Faber
Connie Finney
Jesse Martin
Robert Noble
James Polk
David Rosage

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM at the Northrup Grumman facility West Quest A at 1580 West Nursery Road in Linthicum, Maryland. R. Noble was the first to speak. He reiterated the a major goal of the proposed organization was to get young people into the aerospace industry. He indicated that he and people he knew would like to get Secretary Fielder to remain under the new O'Malley-Brown administration. Noble informed the group that he was a registered lobbyist for Northrup Grumman. He also brought up other organizations such as the Maryland Manufacturing Alliance and Manufacturing Council. He also noted that the industry was having difficulty in getting employees, especially ones with security clearances.

D. Rosage noted the need for a vision that includes what the industry looks like today and where it is going. Noble said we should take a look at a vision statement that incorporates things like the state of the schools, especially higher education, and overall goals and objectives. The statement should include what we are going to do, how it is going to be done and how to measure success. Rosage said we will need a vision statement that will get people interested.

J. Polk noted that a clear cut goal appeals to the engineer mentality. D. Faber

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