Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aerospace Initiative Organizational Chart Descriptions

Maryland Aerospace Partnership

The Maryland Aerospace Partnership is a valued and respected support system for Maryland’s scientific, workforce development and economic development initiatives. It is the recognized authority on Maryland’s Aerospace industry and supports the growth and enhancement of this vital industry. The MAP is an industry-run, state-chartered organization endorsed and supported by private and public stakeholders.

1.Membership is open to aerospace industry stakeholders—corporate, educational, associations, government, individuals
2.Financial support for the organization will come from:
i.Flat fee tier structure based on relative organizational size (Attachment A)
ii.Reduced fees for educational and/or government agencies where appropriate
b.Other funding
i.Government agency support
ii.Company grants/donations
iv.Events revenue

Organizational Structure (Attachment B)

Board of Directors
1.The Board of Directors will be appointed at the discretion of the Board Chairperson
2.The Board of Directors will include industry representatives and non-industry representatives, with the balance favoring industry representation
3.The Board Chairperson will be elected by the MAP membership

Executive Committee
1.The Executive Committee is appointed by the Board Chair with input from the Executive Director
2.The Executive Committee is composed of the Executive Director, Executive Champion, Working Committee Chairpersons, and selected Ad Hoc members

Executive Champion
1.This is an unpaid position—volunteer, executive-on-loan
2.The Executive Champion works with stakeholders to insure sustainability and success of MAP and its initiatives
3.This position’s role is one of cheerleader, convener, catalyst, respected industry voice
Staff & Budget

Executive Director
1.Paid position--$75K+
2.Organizational vision and viability
3.Operational leadership, implementation and accountability
4.Equal status with the Executive Champion

Operations Manager
1.Paid position--$60K+
2.Day-to-day operations management and accountability
3.Oversight/coordination of Working Committees

Administrative Assistant
1.Paid position--$40K+
2.General administrative support for the Executive Director and Operations Manager

Operating Expenses
1.$75,000 annually for Years 1-2

Working Committees

1.Working Committees will recommend, review and/or implement initiatives in their respective areas. Typical responsibilities for each committee include:

a.Education & Workforce Development
i.Promote aerospace careers to students, educators, parents, counselors and workers
ii.Assist the aerospace industry to attract and retain a qualified workforce
iii.Improve aerospace educational programs at the high school, community college and 4-year degree level
iv.Provide professional development opportunities for the currently employed scientists, engineers, technicians and managers

b.Economic Development
i.Support efforts to attract new aerospace industries to Maryland
ii.Identify and support efforts to retain and promote the growth of current Maryland aerospace companies
iii. Work collaboratively with local, regional and state economic development agencies and initiatives to grow the aerospace industry presence in Maryland
c.Public Policy & Advocacy
i.Educate government and legislative leaders on key issues impacting Maryland’s aerospace industry
ii.Assist government, legislative, business and education leaders to develop public policies supportive of the aerospace industry in Maryland
iii.Serve as the recognized voice of the aerospace industry in Maryland

d.Membership/ Marketing/ Events
i.Promote the MAP, its initiatives and its services to interested stakeholders and the public
ii.Maintain adequate corporate, government, professional association, educational and individual membership levels
iii.Promote and coordinate MAP events and member services

e.Science & Technology
i.Increase awareness and sharing of science and technology innovations among aerospace stakeholders
ii.Support innovative research and technology transfer initiatives among key aerospace stakeholders
iii.Support the integration of emerging aerospace science and technology in secondary and post-secondary educational programs

2.Chairpersons are unpaid positions appointed by the Executive Director and serve on the Executive Committee

1.The MAP and its Board of Directors will meet quarterly
2.Executive and Working Committees will meet as needed during the interim periods

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