Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aerospace Initiative Vision Statement

The Maryland Aerospace Partnership/Authority

By 2011(five years hence) we are striving to make the Maryland Aerospace Partnership/Authority a valued and respected support system for Maryland’s scientific, workforce development and economic development initiatives.

Making Maryland the State of Choice
The state of Maryland is recognized internationally by governments, the industry at large and the media as the place to be for conducting aerospace R&D, systems engineering, manufacturing and operations of aerospace systems.
The Maryland Legislature has instituted tax incentives and other policy initiatives resulting in further growth and prosperity of Maryland’s existing aerospace industry plus state-wide relocation incentives attracting new aerospace ventures and the personnel needed to support them. As a result, the state’s tax revenue base from this industry has doubled!

An Informed Maryland Legislature
The Maryland State Legislature is fully-informed about Maryland’s aerospace industry including its economic impact, its strengths and what legislative policy is needed to maintain industry growth and well-being.
The Maryland Aerospace Association is a recognized authority on Maryland’s aerospace industry and its intellectual capital providing comprehensive annual reports that address the state of the industry (i.e. aerospace technology, innovation research, technology transfer plus current and future workforce projections).

Building Bridges of Cooperation
The Maryland Aerospace Association is impacting all aspects of the aerospace community including NASA, defense, other agencies, academia, industry and commercial aerospace.
The Maryland Aerospace Association supports the aerospace industry fiscally and otherwise through industry communication, primary and secondary education programs, internships and scholarships, image promotion, public education and workforce development.
The Maryland Aerospace Association, in collaboration with the Maryland Space Business Roundtable, is a recognized leader in its ability to build partnerships and unification of all the aerospace sectors in Maryland.

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